London Student Conferences 


London Student Conference Season  
Birkbeck University of London 
2nd - 9th July 2014 
Subjects include: 
Chemistry, 2nd July 
Physics, 3rd July 
Maths, 4th July 
Biology, 7th July 
Psychology, 8th July 
Geography, 9th July 
Further details to be announced soon 
So you want to study Science? Conference in association with the University of Kent 
Canterbury Campus, University of Kent 
11th July 2014 
We are delighted to announce a special day for all students who want to study science in association with the University of Kent. 
This is the ideal component for students who are still juggling their options for university, as well as those who have already decided.  
The day will include: 
Unique talks from leading researchers on developments in their field 
The oportunity to view the science facilities at the university 
An up to the minute talk on the range of options open at the University of Kent and elsewere for studying science 
Further details to be announced soon. 


Extracts from Peter Kellner’s talk  

A 10 minute clip, including his thoughts on Keynes’s relevance today, how they chose a research graduate at his Market Research company YouGov, and advice on Exam technique 


Thank you for having us at the Maths Student conference. The students enjoyed the day and were impressed with the event as a whole. We invited some of the 6th formers to explain the prisoners dilemma and the diners dilemma in our maths department meeting. They did a fantastic job and this shows that they were inspired by the day.” 
Shamime Mackee, St Albans Girls. 
"Please pass on to the organisers that the material was well pitched for our sixth formers and they really enjoyed some of the more challenging aspects of the talks." 
“The speakers were really interesting and practical” 
“... they got us involved and visually showed us mathematical examples” 
“.... interesting applications of mathematics” 
“... the speakers were very interesting and it was nice to see some applied maths – makes a change to the theory we have in lessons” 
“... interesting to see maths in sport showing how it affects our lives everyday in everything we do” 


"I did enjoy presenting – it made me think about how to get over some quite difficult concepts to a varied group and I realise I pushed quite a lot into the session. I would be happy to contribute again." 
"Thanks for inviting me for the biology day last Thursday, I had a really good day - please keep me in mind for future events!" 
"I had such a great time in such a short amount of time! I am happy to speak again!" 
Students listening to audio conference


5th March 2014, Royal National Hotel 
6th March 2014, Royal National Hotel 
7th March 2014, Royal National Hotel 


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